Food and wine

A food and wine tradition that is rooted in ancient times and finds its essence in the connection with the surrounding territory.

Sit down at a dining table and explore the Val d'Orcia. You can do it through the clear flavours, the delicate spices and recipes that bear the memories of the peasant life.

You can find excellent platters here as well as extraordinary wines, born of love for the territory; it is an authentic and genuine cuisine where everything is homemade, and is ‘slow’, because you need time in order to fully taste it. It carries with it an element of surprise: it is found along your route, and it offers relief with a glass of red wine at the end of a long journey.

The cuisine of the Val d'Orcia is a travelling friend.

Food experience

Contemporary and traditional recipes, genuine flavours and a pinch of innovation are at the core of the wine and food experience in Val d’Orcia.


Explore the activities that you can practice in Val d'Orcia, find the perfect experience to live the land that is a UNESCO Heritage Site.

What to do

Val d'Orcia is expecting you with all its excitement, browse through the travelling tips and find inspiration for your stay.