Outdoor activities

Travelling slowly to explore the territory, letting yourself be surrounded by nature that can sometimes be wild, but often tamed, and always magnificent.

Make contact with nature. Rediscover your rhythm in the landscapes which are a World Heritage Site, where there are ancient fortresses and authentic flavours, where historical roads cross the land, and the adventure can start.

Routes of various difficulties suitable for trekking and bicycles, marked in the official app, cross the territory connecting small towns, monuments, and natural reserves. Listen to the air that surrounds you, it is calling you.

Outdoor experience

Between spas and cypresses, ancient footpaths and centuries-old trees, all the wildlife of Val d'Orcia is to be explored on foot or by bike.


Explore the activities that you can practice in Val d'Orcia, find the perfect experience to live the land that is a UNESCO Heritage Site.

What to do

Val d'Orcia is expecting you with all its excitement, browse through the travelling tips and find inspiration for your stay.