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Radicofani is situated at the foot of a basaltic rock of volcanic origin crowned by an ancient fortress. A border post between Tuscany and Latium, its importance is due, from the high Middle Ages, to the particular strategic position on the Via Francigena that is its main thoroughfare. There are various hypotheses concerning its place-name, the most accredited one being that which derives from Radix Fanum (at the roots of a sacred place). It was an inaccessible shelter for the famous Ghino di Tacco, whose undertakings were celebrated by Dante Alighieri and Boccaccio. The major section of the town keeps its medieval traits intact with its two churches of San Pietro Apostolo and Sant’Agata, which host the works by Andrea della Robbia and his school. The Piazzetta del teatro (Theatre square) is part of the ancient Jewish district. Close to the town, where you can still see the ruins caused by the very ancient volcano, the Bosco Isabella stretches out. The imposing building of the Posta, hotel-customs, dates back to the Medicean era. Situated on a hill in the village of Contignano, the city walls are still visible, as well as the two gates and the tower.


Tourism Office
Via Fonte Antese, 2 Radicofani
0578 55684


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Staying in Val d'Orcia means waking up in the midst of a beautiful incomparable landscape, surrounded by historic towns and engaging nature. Look for the accommodation that most suits you and find the ideal place on the hills, between the churches and the stars of Val d'Orcia.