The landscape of hidden treasures within churches and palaces

A landscape - where Man live in harmony with nature - has become a Renaissance icon of Tuscany, and has inspired the works of great artists.

Dossale Robbiano - Chiesa S. Agata_ Radicofani

Val d'Orcia is a multifaceted territory that offers beauty in every corner, from the hills where grapes are grown to the silhouettes of centuries-old fortresses, from the niches of churches to the large rooms of noble palaces. Its artistic vocation is ancient and rooted: everywhere it is possible to find valuable treasures, hidden or in clear sight, to be admired in amazement.

Paintings and sculptures are the main elements of the silent naves of churches, while the museum rooms which house collections of great historical-artistic value are real works of art, which often bear the signature of the big names of the past.
In the same way, the palaces of ancient illustrious families – built in places so beautiful as to be defined "ideal" – are jewels of architecture that tell the stories of those who have lived in them, or preserve the legends of myths and fantastic creatures, hidden among the decorations that embellish rooms and corridors.
The castles and fortresses which, immovable, fight against the passing of time break up the panorama and are there to be admired from a distance as witnesses of history and guardians of towns and countryside.

In Val d’Orcia art was born and has thrived shaping every object: you can find it on the wooden paintings of sacred images, in clay and terracotta covered by enameled colours, on metals and stone, as well as in a landscape where man has put his hand, making it unique in the world: a heritage for everyone, to be protected with care, and therefore even more precious.

Museums to visit

Sala d'Arte San Giovanni
Via San Giovanni, 10
Torre di Tentennano
Loc. Rocca d'Orcia

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Museo di Sant’Agostino in Montalcino
Civico Diocesano e Archeologico
Via Ricasoli, 31

Tel 0577 846014 – Tel 0577 286300

Museo del Tartufo
San Giovanni d’Asso
Piazza Antonio Gramsci, 1

Tel 0577 286300


Palazzo Borgia – Museo Diocesano
Corso Il Rossellino, 30

Tel 0578 749905

Palazzo Piccolomini
Piazza Pio II, 2

Tel 0577 286300

TePoTraTos Scene del Teatro Popolare Tradizionale Toscano
Monticchiello, Piazza Nuova, 1

Tel 0578 755118


Parco Museo della Fortezza

Via della Fortezza

Tel 3398283953


Palazzo Chigi Zondadari
Sale espositive
Museo del Barbarossa

Piazza Chigi, 2

Tel 0577 899728

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