Ancient fortresses and stories of sieges: in search of castles in Val d’Orcia

Sighting towers and defensive structures dot the skyline of the Val d’Orcia, ideal destinations to immerse yourself in history and enjoy breath-taking views.



Nestled on the rocks and surrounded by extensive views, are some ancient watchtowers and defensive structures. The castle of Campiglia d'Orcia and the nearby fortification of Campigliola have seen celebrated heroes of history, such as Frederick Barbarossa, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, who travelled to these lands to look for Arnaldo da Brescia, a heretic who revolted against the papacy.

The Rocca di Tentennano, a structure from where you can enjoy an incomparable view over the valley, has witnessed many sieges, just like the Castle of Monticchiello. 

There are many fortifications that with their majestic walls break the horizon; some small towns which were built around castles - such as Montalcino, Torrenieri and Ripa d'Orcia - still keep the original structures, in an exciting alternation of picturesque alleyways and ancient walls. 

All over Val d'Orcia you can find charming places to be explored travelling at a slow pace and fully immersing yourself in the landscape and in local history; a discovery that will include also the typical flavours, that tell the stories of those who have always lived in this land.


Discover the stories, excellences and small secrets kept in villages and in the landscape of Val d'Orcia.