The “ideal city”, a jewel of harmony among the hills of the Val d’Orcia

Pienza is an “ideal” town in all its aspects, starting from what made it a World Heritage Site: its perfect forms, integrated in the landscape.



There is a special charm in the towns of the Val d'Orcia, a harmony that encompasses everything and spreads among the alleyways, squares and the surrounding views. One of these places, in particular, recalls an ideal of beauty based on proportions, on space and perspective: it is Pienza, the small town built thanks to a man who was a humanist and a Pope.

Enea Silvio Piccolomini, elected with the name of Pius II, had the idea to create a utopia: giving birth to the ideal city. The characteristics that it would have were based on a humanist-renaissance concept, as well as on the will to see nature and history co-exist through the harmony of perfect shapes. The urban planning that ensued made the dream of the Pope come true.
The  central square, entitled  to Pius II and today still the soul of the town, is the core that pushed the small urban planning revolution that took place here, on the design of Rossellino: in the shape of a trapezium and based on the proportions that make it "wider" than its actual size, the square is surrounded by the most important buildings of Pienza, such as Palazzo Borgia and Palazzo Piccolomini, which face one another and today are two museums  that contain treasures and art items among the most important of the Val d'Orcia.

804_novembre_val_dorcia_piazza pio II_pienza_palazzo_comunal-1920x1279

Born as an "ideal city" for the harmonious proportions and the perfect management of space, Pienza is a town with stunning views over the valley, and with an endless charm that is revealed in the historical atmosphere and the romantic and picturesque alleyways which have evocative names, such as Via della Fortuna (Luckiness Street), Via dell’Amore (Love Street) and Via del Bacio (Kiss Street), which make it truly ideal not only to spend some time with your kindred spirit but also as a location to get married.

The food and wine tradition too makes this town a destination not to be missed: you can taste the traditional recipes here and the most important product of the territory, the famous pecorino cheese that is unmissable with an aperitif or matched with honey and salamis on the exquisite platters.


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