The beauty and enchantment of the ideal landscape

The cultural landscape is the highest pact of love between man and nature, an ideal scenery for romantic holidays and fairy-tale weddings.


There are places, like Val d'Orcia, where each breeze seems to speak of love, where romance surrounds the hidden corners of the villages and the wide natural views; it hovers in the vapours of the thermal baths - the kingdom of rest and wellbeing - and fills every glass of wine as well as any traditional dish.

It is a romantic and benevolent land, distinguished by an elegance that embraces you, where it is easy to fall in love between fairy-tale woods and sunsets on the hills, or when walking in the picturesque alleyways with sentimental names. The gardens of the villas that often hide stories of aristocratic loves of the past are perfect to stroll side by side along the ordered and scented avenues, while the unpaved roads that wind up and down the hills invite you to go for a new adventure, whether it is an exploration or an unusual experience or maybe the beginning of a whole life together.

Val d'Orcia, remembered in the verses of poets, is a dreamers’ destination and for years has been the stage for deeply felt love stories. Some of these famous and engaging stories have been brought to life on the big screen while others - less well-known but just as exciting - have taken place in real life: you can find some trace of them in some places of exceptional beauty, such as historical dwellings and parks which can still be visited.

But love here also means respect and care for the land, a feeling of belonging that is reflected in the care for the landscape and villages, and small churches that are spread throughout the countryside. It is the nostalgia of those who are far away and look forward to coming back. Falling in love in Val d'Orcia also means loving this land and discovering it in a sustainable way, travelling slow and enjoying every moment of it, as a couple or, why not, accompanied only by one’s own thoughts.

Wedding in Val d'Orcia

Town Hall historic site: the palace overlooks the charming Piazza Vecchietta, in the very heart of the town. The wedding hall is an intimate and cozy environment. 

Tentennano Tower: a sentinel on the Via Francigena, that stand above the Val d'Orcia landscape. An open space to touch the sky with your finger.


Town Hall historic site in Montalcino: in the framework of one of the most beautiful halls of the Town Hall, also known as Palazzo dei Priori, a building dated back to the 13th century.alla fine del XIII secolo.

Former Town Hall in San Giovanni d’Asso: inside an ancient castle, the romantic Fireplace Hall has an ample fireplace in the middle of the space.


Town Hall historic site: overlooking the famous Pio II square in the "ideal city", World Heritage site. A perfect place to plan a wedding.

Largo Mario Luzi, in Via del Casello, Via dell’Amore, Via Santa Caterina: amazing places that offer a unique and stunning view on the Val d'Orcia landscape.


Town Hall historic site: halls full of history and charme to celebrate your most wonderful day.

Fortress: an amazing panoramic view, the Medici bastions, a tower that touches the sky... the elements of your wedding.


Chigi Palace: amazing Renaissance halls in Palazzo Chigi are a characteristic framework.

Horti Leonini: a Renaissance garden where art and nature meet, an ideal place where to wedding within fences and century-old holm oaks.

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