The flavours of Val d’Orcia that are not to be missed

From appetizers to desserts, from pasta to white truffle, the route of taste in Val d’Orcia goes through excellence and tradition.



The food and wine tradition of the Val d'Orcia brings to the table genuine platters and encompassing flavours, closely related to the land. Each place knows how to tell its story through the taste of authentic and straightforward recipes, to be discovered through a tasting tour that cannot be missed.

The good taste of Tuscan salamis and cheeses is renowned in the collective imagination, and the platters with a selection of products – for example, pecorino cheese and honey – are often the main elements of a meal, especially if accompanied by a slice of unsalted bread, which is typical of the area.

Together with these, home-made pasta has a place of honour: you cannot miss the famous pici (or pinci, as they are called in Montalcino) with a rich meat sauce or with garlic, as well as the Raviolo di Contignano, a typical dish of the area of Radicofani, usually served with tomato sauce or butter and sage.
For the lovers of pici and of Tuscan bruschetta, an event not to be missed is the Sagra del Crostino e dei Pici fatti a mano (Festival of Crostino and homemade Pici) that is held at Castiglione d'Orcia, while at San Quirico and at Montisi olive oil is the premium product to be celebrated.

Many oil mills surrounded by olive groves can be visited and oil can be tasted: tasting it directly at its source and on a slice of typical Tuscan bread is an experience that should not be missed, which combines the discovery of local tasty food with that of the area. The oil produced here is Extra virgin Olive Oil DOP Terre Di Siena, a gastronomic treat whose quality is protected by the consortium of the same name.


The journey into the flavours of the Val d'Orcia also meets up with excellences of the land, such as the White Truffle of the Crete Senesi, that is found mainly in the area around San Giovanni d'Asso - not far from Montalcino - and adds preciousness to every recipe with its unmistakable smell, a prelude to its tasting. Saffron, known as “the red gold” of the table, amazes one with its delicacy and lively colours, enhancing the traditional dishes such as tripe, and creating innovative pairings when used to flavour beer and honey.

To give a wonderful aroma to the autumnal days there are the fruits coming from the forests of Monte Amiata, the ancient dormant volcano where mushrooms and chestnuts can be found, premium products of these villages. The IGP Chestnut plays the main role at Vivo d'Orcia and Campiglia d'Orcia, which respectively celebrate the Festival of the Mushroom and Chestnut and the Festival of the ‘Marrone’ Chestnut, and is the basic ingredient of typical Tuscan desserts.
The peasant tradition left the legacy of simple recipes, also to conclude meals on a sweet note, among which stands out the ancient Ciambellone, prepared with oil rather than butter.

The dishes that you can taste in Val d'Orcia are many and for all tastes, to be accompanied with local wines such as DOC Orcia and Brunello di Montalcino.


Discover the stories, excellences and small secrets kept in villages and in the landscape of Val d'Orcia.