DOC Orcia, the most beautiful wine of the world

In a territory that is a World Heritage Site there is a wine that is not only good, but also beautiful, of a beauty that is a synonym for love and quality.



The panorama of the Val d'Orcia stretches out over rolling hills and extensive vineyards, long linear geometries that run along the countryside and capture your gaze. A common element all over the area is the production of a premium wine that should not be absent from the dining tables: the DOC Orcia.

Made mainly from Sangiovese grapes the DOC Orcia is not only a red wine: it speaks for the close bond that links the wine-makers to their land. The DOC Orcia is contained in Orcia Rosato, Orcia Bianco (whose grape variety is Trebbiano Toscano) and Orcia Vin Santo varieties, the latter being perfect to end a meal and to be paired with the traditional desserts.
The designation of Controlled Origin arrived exactly on St. Valentine’s day and it seems to show the deep love of wine-makers for their work and for the fruits it produces; love that is expressed in the firm will to protect this treasure of the land: responsible for its protection is the Consorzio del Vino Orcia.

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The best opportunity to discover DOC Orcia - defined the most beautiful wine of the world - is during the annual event that celebrates it in its entirety: Orcia Wine FestivalWine sampling and tasting, as well as guided tours to the wineries and production places, allow you to immerse yourself in the wine world of the Val d'Orcia, by visiting also San Quirico d’Orcia, the town that hosts it. 

Immersing oneself in the flavours of Val d'Orcia and in its wines is an extraordinary experience, that has its climax after having spent some days exploring its land and beauty, so unique to have been listed as World Heritage Site. After long strolls through the alleyways of the villages, having walked along a section of the Via Francigena or riding on romantic unpaved roads by bike, there is nothing better than sitting at a table and starting a new adventure, through the discovery of the food and wine tradition of a land that knows how to tell its stories.


Discover the stories, excellences and small secrets kept in villages and in the landscape of Val d'Orcia.