The Festival of the "Raviolo" in Contignano

Culinary tradition is at home in Contignano.


The Festival of the Raviolo was founded to let citizens and visitors sample and enjoy one of the gastronomical specialities of Contignano, a beautiful village in the Val d’Orcia. The Festival valorises the gastronomical legacy of the women of Contignano, who have transformed their art into a seasonal tradition attracting thousands of visitors.

The Festival expresses the community spirit of Contignano and its welcoming inhabitants. In fact, the key to this event’s success lies in the participation of the inhabitants who, throughout this week in August, are able to transmit the very best of their traditions, bringing to the food stands the same care and knowledge of taste and variety of flavours of the kitchens of home.


Let yourself be inspired by the legends, the stories, and the many excellences of this land, within Tuscany's greenest hearth.