Opera Pienza

La manifestazione che porta l’opera a Pienza grazie a giovani talenti lirici.

PIENZA | October

Opera Pienza is a launch pad promoting young lyrical singers. The project organised by the Council of Pienza gives the chance to young musicians to showcase their talents through competitions, auditions, training courses and prize-giving concerts.

Opera Pienza is proud to have mezzosoprano Monica Faralli as Artistic Manager with the support of Ms Adua Veroni Pavarotti. The jewel in Opera Pienza’s crown is the by now established “Benvenuto Franci” International Competition for Opera Singers which in previous editions has given over 700 singers from more than 30 countries throughout the world the chance to perform in front of the jury led by Adua Veroni Pavarotti and some of the most important artists of international opera.

Moreover, Opera Pienza has set itself the ambitious project of establishing an opera-staging laboratory held outside against the breath-taking scenery of that Renaissance jewel that is the town of Pienza, able thus to further reinforce its presence in the network of the opera competitions circuit.

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