The Festival of Ancient Trades

Radicofani’s ancient traditions are celebrated every spring.


Since 2001, every 1st and 2nd June the village of Radicofani awakes in the discovery of ancient traditions. Two whole days dedicated to re-enacting the main trade, culinary and sustenance traditions remembering the history of Ghino di Tacco’s ancient village home. The roads and squares are brought to life by traditional workers, exhibitions of historical agricultural machinery, open wine cellars, and the re-enactment of harvesting by hand and threshing with traditional machinery. Celebrations start on the evening of 1st June with a grand feast of typical local dishes followed by dancing. On 2nd June, the festival continues in the morning with a parade of agricultural machinery and the re-enactment of traditional artisans at work. In the afternoon, the town square hosts the “quadrille” followed by a re-enactment of threshing with traditional machinery and assembly of the hay barn. Into the night, the village is entertained by wandering musical groups and theatre representations. As well as the threshing, you can also watch milking and cheese-production in the square, but also the whole community working together washing clothes with ash. The wine cellars are open to all, as are the blade-sharpeners, the blacksmiths, carpenters, cobblers, basket-weavers and seamstresses. Throughout the day, the

“Compagnia Arcieri Cacciatori Prima” recreate leather tanning and bow building.

The community of Radicofani aims to involve visitors in the festival, showing them its past, but also to remind itself of its roots. During the festival food stands offer local traditional menus.


Let yourself be inspired by the legends, the stories, and the many excellences of this land, within Tuscany's greenest hearth.