Getting married in Montalcino

A fairy-tale wedding between extensive vineyards and medieval halls, where everything is wrapped in charm and romance.


A small town with an atmosphere of high Middle Ages that rises above the vineyard-cultivated countryside: Montalcino is ideal for those who wish a wedding that can combine the enchantment of historic centres with the charm of surrounding wildlife.

The couples have at their disposal the Palazzo dei Priori in Montalcino, the historical townhall of Palazzo Comunale dating back to the 13th century, where the civil weddings are celebrated in the Sala del Consiglio (the Council Chamber), as well as the former Palazzo Comunale in San Giovanni d'Asso; the latter is inside an ancient castle, and proposes the Sala del Caminetto, (Fireplace Room) as a venue, characterized – as the name recalls – by a romantic fireplace which opens up in the middle of the room.

The area around Montalcino is perfect for a photo shoot in the wildlife, or immersed in the vineyard of Brunello or in the countryside that surrounds churches and hamlets.